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Celtic Journeys - Spiritual Tours of Ireland

Ritual Life's Honouring

Ritual has a mystery within it; and the more we touch the mystery without dissecting it the deeper it becomes. Celtic Journeys honours ritual's sacredness.

Celtic Ritual"How complex the subject of ritual is, how difficult its communication, how necessary the practice of ritual is to its understanding." -- Tom Driver.

Our longing for ritual is deep and vital to our soul. It incorporates embracing all of life, that is its gift. It fully embraces and supports the darkness as it does the light. Dark days are a part of all our paths and creating within ourselves a comfort with the dark will bring us untold blessings. Authentic ritual can cosset us as we move through the spiral of life, awakening the depth of our bliss that our rational mind knew nothing of.

Ritual offers itself to us in all that our lives are. Hsun Tzu describes the Confucian view of what ritual can accomplish: "When rites are at their best, people's emotions and sense of beauty are both fully expressed ... love and hatred are tempered and joy and anger are in keeping... He who holds to the rites is never confused in the midst of multifarious change."



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"Mary has a beautiful understanding of the importance of ritual, - she has a way of bringing you deep inside to a place of readiness to receive the blessing of the experience offered to you at these honored Sacred Sites,...filling you up with a renewed sense of possibility, walking in the steps of those who accomplished wonderful things through their deep connection to Spirit."
– Craig Toungate, Musician, Austin Texas