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Celtic Journeys - Spiritual Tours of Ireland

Retreat - Towards the Within

"Away from the world’s ceaseless din, one hears whispers from another realm, faint but compelling." -- Zaleski

Celtic RetreatRetreat can offer the silence, simplicity, and the opportunity for contemplation that the response to that little whisper seeks. Retreat provides the opportunity to connect with our spirit so as to enable us to return to our outer world with a depth of compassion and a clarity of vision The call to retreat and the response that results in a person moving away from their everyday world and the comfort that it holds, to a place of silence, and stillness, and solitude appears to be embedded in the human psyche. The call to retreat comes in a myriad of voices, and for a myriad of reasons. For Celtic Journeys at the base of all these outward reasons is the call to connection with Spirit. This call, mysterious at times, and the path to retreat that follows, is reflected within many of the worlds spiritual traditions. The Tao Te Ching in its essential nature is a call to incorporate solitude as a vital part of life: "The essence of its teaching is that by withdrawing rather than by asserting ourselves, through retreat rather than pursuit, by inaction rather than action that we acquire wisdom. We have to unlearn the superficial cleverness that we have developed to get on in society, to cease to compete with others, and to learn to live alone." Peter France, Hermits.

The benefits of retreat continue after the time apart, as retreat heightens awareness and this deepening allows for the natural unfolding of ourselves. At some inner level we all know our true being and how we need to "be" on this earth. Our lifestyles and what is demanded of us can take us from this inner "knowing". Retreat can return us to our soul wisdom and allow us to breath in acceptance of who we are with compasssion and gratitude.





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"The retreat in Celtic Spirituality was an invaluable experience. I went into it looking for a shift in my life, and came out of it having grown tremendously."
–Billy Franklin, Musician,
New Orleans, LA